What did you do yesterday? The day before? How about every day last week, month, year, or decade? Any common activities day after day? Well if you’re part of the US Streak Running Association then you have ran at least 1 mile every day for some serious period of time. Maybe it’s a year. Good for you. If you’re the current leader of the Active Running Streak List then it is over 17,500 days. Congrats, you won. That is over 48 years of day after day consecutive running of at least 1 mile. My mind and hamstrings were blown simultaneously as I read that number.

Am I on this list, you ask? Maybe a fledging fitness obsession landed me an 11 month streak? Nope. Not even close, but thank you for the nice thoughts. I only know about this group because my wife found it and has a streak of a few years going.

I thought this was noteworthy enough to share for a few reasons. One, this is impressive as hell so congratulations to anyone who can consider themselves a streak runner. *Side Note: If you consider yourself a streaker, also congrats but for a very different reason.* Two, in case you or someone you know is an avid runner maybe you can fill them in on this group. Three, to rub it in the faces of us bums. And four, to point out a simple fact.

Take another look at the list. Aside from their location, age, and date the streak started they also include their profession. Anything stand out? There aren’t many slackers on this list. They are lawyers, doctors, therapists, principals, COO’s and executives.

Are there fat executives? Sure. Are there lazy lawyers? Absolutely. Are there many of them? Not really. Healthy living is common among high achievers and so is dedication. This list is just a combination of the healthiest and most dedicated.

I’m not saying you need to run every day for the next 10 years to be successful. But expressing a healthy habit consistently is a good start. Maybe you exercise 4 days a week. Try to read for 40 minutes every single day. Write, meditate, do yoga. Try to find something healthy and relaxing that you can do consistently. Dedicate yourself to it. I don’t know what my “something” is just yet but you know what they say: Those who can’t do, teach.