June 2017

5 Ways Millennials Are Shaking Up Marriage

For better or for worse, our generation disrupts just about everything that we touch. Online shopping, subscription plans, ride-sharing, the list goes on. It also includes marriage. We are just doing it differently for plenty of reasons, here are 5 aspects that are causing millennials to deal with marriage different than past generations.

8 Things Men Need To Be Able To Do Around The House

Maybe it is old fashioned, but I just think you need to be able to do some basic things to help take care of a household. It won't always be easy, but it is rewarding.

Animal Fact Friday: The Ostrich

I think it goes without saying that everyone wishes they knew a little bit more about the ostrich. And then some...

Animal Fact Friday: Origins

Every story has a beginning. This is the origin of the beautiful sharing of animal facts among friends. Everyone loves a good animal fact. Everyone loves a good laugh. It is as simple as that.

Success Through Consistency: Streak Runners

The key is dedication. Take s lesson from the US Running Streak Association. Sure, you'll feel like you haven't done anything with your life lately, but all of us slackers need motivation from time to time.

8 Reasons You Should Get A Waterbed

Choosing a new sleeping surface is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. Don't screw it up. Consider switching from foam to water.

Breaking Down The Stigma Around Discussing Your Finances

Adults aren't supposed to talk about how much they earn around their friends. I think it may be a stigma that we should break free from.

A Better NBA Draft Lottery

Tanking is annoying, let me fix the NBA draft for you.

Take on an Apprentice

You're smart, you've gained experience, you should be empathetic to a young person new to the workplace. Let's talk about why you should help them out.

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